Building Blocks of a Successful Team Building

8 Dec

team buildingTeam Building activities have gained popularity in the corporate world, as more leaders, managers, event planners, and employees have realized how important it is for every organization to invest on effective and engaging team building activities to ensure the success of the group. Organizing team building events is also not an easy task to do since the success of the event lies on the activities, the level of participation, and the learning from every activity.


While a growing number of organizations have been hiring third party groups to create a team building plan for them, it would be best to have the organization represented during the planning stage. This will guarantee that the activities planned for the day will be helpful, appropriate, and aligned with the company’s vision and goals.


There is no single formula that works when designing your team building activities, but there are certain things you always need to consider and include in the list whenever you organize your company team building.


  • Determine the components of a strong team. A good team is a group of people who share a common goal of achieving the company’s objectives. Team members should understand these objectives and be guided by these principles. A great team also values and respect each other.
  • Know the team members more. Determine their level of motivation and moral. Are they always willing to help and contribute to the group’s goal? What would usually motivate them to collaborate with the rest of the group? Do they feel that they are part of something bigger and greater? Do they get recognition whenever they do something helpful and incremental? By knowing the team members’ background and behavior, you can already create plans that are targeted to change a certain behavior, or to improve certain skills and areas.
  • Plan activities that will promote a corporate culture that thrives on group success, cooperation, support and rewarding. Having a favourable corporate culture will be beneficial both to the leader and to the members of the team. A corporate culture that is based on camaraderie, leadership, collaboration and sense of responsibility.
  • Determine who your participants are. Important factors such as their gender, age, job level and job type will help you create good plans.
  • Who will join the team building? Will it be the whole company or just small teams across the organization?
  • Where do you plan to hold the team building session? If you are using activities that will require you a bigger space, you need to find a venue that can accommodate all of your team members.


While there is no template that works for all companies when it comes to team building planning, you should always remember that team building should be designed in such a way where people are given the power and are enabled to unleash their full potential to reach their goal.


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